35mm pictures of my beautiful scummy life - Ⓐugust

selling some old 35mm camera equpiment

yo im tryna get rid of some stuff all for rlly cheap lemme know if ya want any of this ill try and update it once stuff is gone already —-

Argus C3 35mm camera w leather case (circa 1945ish) - $10
Kodak Retina Automatic III 35mm rangefinder (1961) - $20
Hanimex Praktica L 35mm camera (no lens, circa 1969) - $5
Konica MG 35mm point and shoot (circa 1983) - $5 obo
Minolta Freedom III 35mm point and shoot(circa 1986) - $5
Sun Zoom 35-70mm Macro Lens w leather case - $10 obo
Vivitar 75-260mm telephoto lens w leather case - $5-10 obo

really though pretty much all of it is sliding scale/ best offer whatever

xoxo august